One of our greatest sources of pride here at DTI is our service department. Today’s equipment is complex and it takes a lot of training to be able to diagnose and fix a problem. No, banging on the side rarely fixes anything, even if it does make you feel better!

The cornerstone of DTI is our service department. We do our best to get your machine back up and running as quickly as possible when something does go wrong. When we say, “The Blue Box means you’re covered,” a big part of that is our service team.

When we measured our service time this past year, we found our average response in Danville was 45 minutes. We understand how important your machine is to keeping your business running smoothly. If you receive customer orders via fax and your fax is not working, it can cost you sales. We understand that. If you can’t email over contracts to close the deal because your machine is down, it hurts your business. We get it.

“Blue Box” coverage doesn’t mean just being responsive either. We have software that allows us to monitor your machine and be proactive. Many times we can diagnose a problem before we make it to your office. Ask one of our service technicians about ways we can better help your business stay up and running.