Our company motto is, “The Blue Box Means You’re Covered”.  If your looking for a solution, DTI has it.  Looking for a reason to have the Blue Box Cover YOU?  Here’s a few check marks for DTI:

  • We're local.
    We live here. We understand the needs of customers in the area.
  • Color Prints
    We have some of the cheapest prices for color copies and prints.  Let us run you a comparison.
  • Our Dedicated Team
    The cornerstone of DTI is our team, they’ve got you covered.
  • Fast Response
    Most of the time, it takes less than an hour to service your machine.
  • All Star Product Line
    Kyocera, Sharp, we’ve got them all.
  • Postage Machines
    We also have postage meters for your mailing needs.
  • Service, Service, Service
    If it breaks, we fix it.  Simple as that.
  • Great Copiers & Printers
    Sometimes you just need a copy or to print something.  No one does it better than DTI.