ow! 1980 was a great year.

The Rubik’s Cube, Pac-Man, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Ronald Reagan was elected, and Ed Surprenant (with partner Russ Sweiss), founded Danville Copy Systems.

Ed and Russ had worked for Kankakee Duplicating in Kankakee, when they decided to break away and form their own company. Two territories to sell Sharp copiers were available; the Quad Cities and Danville. Danville was a closer fit for them, so they set up shop at “Madison Square”. Copiers at the time used liquid toner in them. They had sliding tabletops and were slow by today’s standard. Ed eventually bought out Russ in the mid-80’s.

Old Danville Copy Systems Office on Madison Ave.

“I grew up in the shop,” recalls Auston. “I worked there since we moved to Danville. Every summer and after school. My mom did all the books, my dad focused on service, and Russ handled sales.

After Auston graduated from Illinois State University , he came back and began his career. First in sales, and eventually moving to service and working his way up to VP of Service. Mike Wilkinson was hired in the late 80’s and has been the face of the sales team since.

In 2006, Danville Copy Systems became DTI Office Solutions to better describe the larger scope of products and services they offer. “It’s not just copiers any more”, says Auston. “It’s postage meters, multi-function (scan, copy, print) machines, computers, servers, network solutions.  Using the word “copy” was not accurate anymore.”

In 2009, the office moved to its current location at 3 Southgate in Tilton after outgrowing the old place on Madison. While a lot has changed in the copier industry, one thing has not at DTI, service is priority one.